Multi - channel Inbound
Customer Care
As the first point of contact between the service provider and the customer, Qbix Intergrated Services Pvt Ltd offers Customer Care services to a diverse range of sectors like:
Travel & booking
F & B
Customers call the helpline for general enquiries, bank related queries, product information, registering complaints, etc. The requisite information is provided and the inbound call opportunity is also used for Upselling and Lead Generation as the case maybe. In case of complaints the client CRM is used to log and route the complaints to the right channels for speedy redressal, follow-up and closure. Efforts are made to keep the Turnaround Time (TAT) as small as possible.
Qbix Intergrated Services Pvt Ltd has an in-house team of Data Analysts who mine through the wealth of available data to identify pain areas and make appropriate suggestions for improvements in processes and services. Many sectors have accepted and implemented our findings and have substantially benefited from it. Our services have helped generate repeat business and increased sales and profits to our clients.
The company’s forte is in elevating customer experience from ‘Satisfaction’ to ‘Delight’ as a delighted customer translates to increased customer retention, decreased customer churn and positive image building for companies.