Welcome Calls
Qbix Intergrated Services Pvt Ltd places ‘Welcome Calls’ to customers who register with a company for a new service or purchase a new product. The customers are informed about their rights and privileges and are taken through an orientation process wherein they are guided about the best possible ways to make the most of the company’s products and services. Questions are answered and doubts cleared. Efforts are made to ensure customers receive the utmost from their interactions with our representatives.
Most companies prefer outsourcing call centres to perform ‘Welcome Calls’. The welcome call helps us build good rapport and strengthen the bonds between the customers and the company. A positive image of the company is created in the minds of the customers with the aim of promoting brand loyalty. Critical customer data about their current requirements and future expectations is gathered. This is also seen as a good opportunity for introducing additional products and services.
Customer Survey
Customer Surveys are pivotal for companies and their prudence lies in call centre outsourcing. Qbix Intergrated Services Pvt Ltd is aware of the importance of Customer Surveys in measuring the success of a business, its market position and determining loyal customer base. We reach out to a big pool of customers and measure their levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a particular service or product. Keeping in mind the client portfolio different parameters are used to capture the relevant data.
The survey presents itself as a wonderful opportunity to our representatives to engage customers in a conversation and in gathering their opinions and identifying their critical needs. Surveys are conducted either online or through telephone. In some cases the process is automated with the integration of IVR.
The survey helps fill the gaps in customer expectations and is an indicator of purchase and use over a period of time. This helps our clients arrive at the right intersection of desired product quality at the desired price point.
Our Business Intelligence and statistics on collated data provides valuable feedback to the clients on the roadmap to adopt. More so, when new product development is being contemplated our analytics helps in getting in sync with target demographics.
Third Party Verification
Qbix Intergrated Services Pvt Ltd provides Third Party Verification services to a number of industries. The verification process depends on the type of services provided by the client and differs from one industry to another. However, the bottom line remains the same – establishing the authenticity of the data/information collected.
As a mandatory step a preliminary verification is done for all processes be it Banking, Credit cards etc. When customers call in for enquiries or to register their complaints, their identity is first established and the genuineness of the complaint determined before initiating the redressal process or sharing the requested information. Credit card details are verified before divulging account/ finance related data. In case of banking where securing loans is a multi tiered process, third party verification is done at each and every level to ensure loan is granted to a sound party.
As a BPO service provider servicing many critical industries like Banking & Finance we have access to critical and secure information. Qbix Intergrated Services Pvt Ltd ensures that at every step care and caution is taken to make sure sensitive data is not passed onto the wrong party or is misused in any way. We have in place a robust verification process to prevent any eventualities. By outsourcing call centres for third party verification it becomes imperative for us to have in place robust data security measures to reinforce the trust imposed in us by our clients.